The V8 You've Been Waiting For

The all new Honda BF350 V8 is truly a landmark achievement: our first-ever production V8 engine for use on either land or water. Designed to meet the needs of today’s families, who want larger boats and the ability to journey farther from shore, the Honda BF350 was created to deliver maximum power with impressive fuel efficiency.

The BF350 provides everything you’re looking for: extraordinary power, exceptional speed, and exhilarating acceleration. It also delivers impressive fuel economy, outstanding performance, and a range of features and functions found only on Honda outboards. The Honda BF350 does it all in a sleek, striking new design that’s as practical and functional as it is elegant and eye-catching.

Suitable for taking on the big jobs, from large pontoon boats to offshore boats, Honda Marine’s new BF350 V8 outboard is designed to deliver a powerful boating experience like no other.