VM-TEC 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oil 20W50

VM-TEC high quality lubricant outperforms automotive oils in marine application because of its specialised additives for 4-stroke marine engines.
  • 1. Superb Corrosion Protection

    As the outboards are frequently in contact with water, corrosion is one of the biggest challenge. Honda VM-Tec Marine Lubricants is specially designed to counter this issue. This synthetic blend marine engine oil increases rust and oxidation inhibitors to prevent corrosion meanwhile provide full engine and bearing protection.

  • 2. Boost Engine Performance

    The Honda VM-Tec Marine Lubricants able boost engine performance meanwhile prevent thermal breakdown under intense temperature, RPM and loads. The molecular shear-stable polymers resist viscosity breakdown under high RPM and high load conditions. Besides, the anti-foaming characteristics protect engine during high RPM.

  • 3. Prolongs Engine Life

    The molecular shear-stable polymers used in Honda VM-Tec Marine Lubricants are able to ensure viscosity retention despite the fuel dilution associated with marine engines. Thus, ensuring cleaner engine system and prolong engine life.


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